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The natural stone veneer from A New Design Landscape & Stone, Inc. is an authentic real stone product quarried directly from the earth and cut to 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ in thickness. Unlike most artificial stone, natural thin stone veneer will not fade or discolor with time, and is not affected by scratching and chipping of the surface. It comes in natural tones and hues, allowing for creative and custom patterns.

It is ideal material for use where weight limitations are a factor. Natural thin stone veneer may be used on interior walls, fireplaces, or on exterior walls of a home or building.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer Collection

Blue Granite Ashlar

Bryn Mawr Rough Ashlar

Bryn Mawr Field

Bryn Mawr Ledge

Bucks County Field

Bucks County Ledge

Buttercream Field

Buttercream Ledge

Canyon Ashlar

Canyon Castle

Chardel Field

Chardel Ledge

Dark Mica Ashlar

Fort Augusta River Stone

Grey Limestone Ashlar

Grey Limestone Castle

Nittany Mountain Field

Nittany Mountain Ledge

PA Bluestone Field

PA Bluestone Ledge

PA Field Field

PA Field Ledge

Shade Mountain Field

Shade Mountain Ledge

Building Stone Collection

Canyon Ashlar


Canyon Castle



River Round

PA Field

Nittany Mountain


Full Color Stand Up

Thermal Pattern

Full Color Stand Up

Stone is a natural product. Variations including color, texture, and size will occur in all natural stone. Photographic reproductions are provided here for reference only. When installing natural thin stone veneer, conform to national and local building codes. Samples available upon request.